Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Soon to be in Austin, TX!

Tutor Paul and I are relocating!  Right now, we’re packing up our College Station apartment and getting ready for a move to Austin.  We’re excited to start this new phase of our life together, and we’re looking forward to expanding our tutoring services into a new market.

While my in-person tutoring will be in Austin, I’ll be available for on-line tutoring with students in Bryan/College Station, as will Paul.  Paul has set up a great system for on-line tutoring through Google Plus Hang-outs.  We bought a digitizer tablet that functions like an electronic notebook—Paul can answer student questions and solve problems in real time on the tablet, and the student can see the whole thing as it’s being written.  He set up two Google Plus accounts and uses two computers: one account shows his face and the other shows the digitizer.  Finally, we bought a great microphone so that the sound quality is excellent.  He let me observe a session with one of his on-line students, and I was delighted to see how well the system worked.  It was a huge improvement from my makeshift Skype sessions!

Before I go, I want to address the question of why we’re moving to Austin.  Truly, we have loved our time in College Station.  Paul launched his career here, starting as an undergrad in mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University.  I found what I believe is my true calling: tutoring science students and creating tools and resources to help them learn.  And of course, Paul and I found each other here, so I’ll always have a soft spot for College Station.  This place was good to us, and I’m already thinking of many things that I will miss.  We found great friends, great food, and good times to sustain us during the ups and downs of life.  We’re moving to Austin to be closer to friends, to make long-distance travel easier (my family lives in Michigan), and to start a new adventure.  We’re staying in Texas to be closer to Paul’s family.  Above all, we want to be of service and give our gifts to the world.  For us, one of those gifts is teaching.  And for that reason, I’m grateful that our websites and the internet mean that we can reach students across the globe.  We can help them reach their academic and professional goals.  I can’t wait for the fall semester to start so we can start meeting new students.

Onward to Austin!

In gratitude,



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hand-out: Conditional Probability

Hello, dear reader!  Tutor Paul and I wrote a hand-out on conditional probability that we hope will help students understand this idea.  I first encountered it while tutoring a student who was taking Genetics 301 at Texas A&M University.  Discussing it amongst ourselves, we found conditional probability to be confusing, but eventually we found ways of explaining it that cleared up the confusion.  Those ideas became the foundation of the hand-out below. 

Happy studying!  Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for us.  Thanks for stopping by.  

Conditional Probability Hand-out

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quickie Biology Tutoring

Have a quick biology question that you’d like answered by a professional tutor?  I’m happy to answer questions for free via Twitter.  Find me at @wormthoughts and let’s chat!  If you need a more comprehensive answer than I can give you via Twitter, we can set up an on-line tutoring session.

Happy learning!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TAMU Genetics 301 Tutoring

UPDATE: I have relocated to Austin and offer on-line tutoring for Genetics 301 students!  I still enjoy working with students who are taking this course, and I’d love to work with you too. 

Contact me for more info: e-mail r-meissner@u.northwestern.edu or text 847-644-0782.  Also, check out my free genetics lessons for a taste of my teaching style.

* * *

Howdy!  Rumor has it that I’m the only tutor in town who offers tutoring for Genetics 301 taught by Dr. John Ellison.  If you need help with this course, I’d be happy to work with you!  I have tutored several Texas A&M University students in this class.  I have a PhD and many years of research experience in genetics.  If you are completely lost in Genetics 301, we can start from scratch to get you caught up before it’s too late.  My tutoring philosophy is that we start with what you understand and build new material on top of a solid foundation.

Genetics 301 can be a challenging course.  Ask for help if you need it!  Contact me and let's set up your first session.  My rate is $40/hour. If you purchase three hours with me, you get the fourth hour free!  (FYI: I’m also on WyzAnt Tutoring, where I have a five-star rating.) 

E-mail me at r-meissner@u.northwestern.edu.  Prefer texting?  No problem!  847-644-0782.

You can also find me on Twitter: I'm @wormthoughts.  Feel free to contact me there, too.

Good luck and happy studying!