Monday, June 23, 2014

Tutoring Rates and Credentials

Tutoring Rates.
My tutoring rate is $40/hour.  I keep the same rate for in-person and on-line tutoring.  For in-home tutoring, my rate is $60/hour.  (Please note that I am not always able to accommodate requests for in-home tutoring due to scheduling constraints.)  

I encourage all of my tutoring students to send me questions or study materials in advance.  Whenever possible, I prepare for my sessions ahead of time in order to give my students a great tutoring experience.  I’m also happy to answer quick questions by e-mail or via Twitter.

My e-mail address:

On Twitter, I’m @wormthoughts.  (The name is a nod to the time I spent working in a C. elegans lab.)  I also post interesting science links and tidbits on Twitter.

I’ve been tutoring students since October 2013 and have logged more than 500 tutoring hours.  Biology is my strongest tutoring subject.  I’ve worked with high school and college students in general biology, cell biology, molecular biology, and genetics.  I began tutoring in general chemistry in March 2014 and continue to improve my proficiency in this subject.  I have tutored a handful of PhD-level scientists in technical writing.  So far, I have a solid five-star rating on WyzAnt Tutoring.  Many of my students choose to work with me again and again, which is, I think, the highest praise of all.

I’m a graduate of Albion College (2003) and Northwestern University (2009).  At Albion, I majored in chemistry and minored in philosophy.  I also earned a concentration in neuroscience, which is a little like saying I earned an interdisciplinary minor.  I went on to earn a PhD in neuroscience from Northwestern University, where I studied behavior in fruit flies, a field that allowed me to use genetics and molecular biology to better understand behavior, which is, in my opinion, the ultimate output of nervous systems.

After earning my PhD, I spent several years working in various labs at Texas A&M Health Science Center and Texas A&M University, including a fruit fly lab, a worm lab, and a honey bee lab.  Altogether, I have more than ten years of research experience.  My research background has given me a well-rounded education in biology.  As a result, I’m able to tutor students across a wide variety of subfields within biology.

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