Monday, September 1, 2014

TAMU Genetics 301 Tutoring for Fall 2014

Happy first day of classes, TAMU students!

I’ll be offering on-line tutoring this semester for Genetics 301, as taught by Dr. John Ellison.  I have tutored several students in this class, and my students have been really happy with their sessions.  I love this challenging class, and I love helping students better understand the material.  I recently acquired the book containing class Powerpoint slides and practice exams, so that will facilitate easier tutoring sessions for my next batch of students.

I’m located in Austin, TX, having recently moved from College Station.  My Genetics 301 sessions will be on-line.  As a recent student commented, being able to do tutoring sessions at home in your pajamas is awesome!  My partner, Tutor Paul, has set up on-line tutoring for both of us.  (Some of you might know Tutor Paul; he’s the guy you want to see for tutoring in mechanical engineering, math, or physics.  He’s awesome.)

So what do you need for on-line tutoring?

* A high-speed internet connection, a computer, and a microphone.  If you want me to be able to see you, you’ll need a webcam as well.

* A Google+ account

* The plug-in for Google+ Hang-outs

During an on-line tutoring session, you’ll be able to see my face, hear my voice, and see my whiteboard in which I work out problems and illustrate concepts.  Paul and I are dedicated to creating an awesome on-line tutoring experience for our students, so we invite you to try it out with us.  Contact me for more information!  Call or text 847-644-0782.  (You can also e-mail me at

Happy learning and have a great semester!

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