Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Austin Writing Shop is Now Open for Business!

Yes, indeed: my roommates and I have launched a small business together!  The Austin Writing Shop is now open for business.

We hatched the idea last weekend, when Courtney came to College Station to help Paul and me with our move to Austin.  Courtney is a humanities scholar who taught college-level courses for three years.  She wanted to start a freelance editing service in Austin, and I mentioned that we should market our skills together (I’ve tutored PhD-level scientists in technical writing).  Then we thought of Paul, who can typeset math/physics/engineering documents that have a lot of equations and figures that need to be positioned just so inside a document.  (You can check out our conditional probability document in this post to see an example of his typesetting skills.  Paul uses LaTeX to create beautiful documents for his books and his hand-outs.)

Between the three of us, we can help with a huge variety of writing and publishing projects.  Our skill sets cover everything from fiction to argumentative essays to lab reports to mathematical documents.  We’ve got a humanities scholar, a lab-trained biologist, and an engineer on staff.  Want to work with us?  Check out our website or send a text to 979-710-4822 to get in touch with us.

Happy writing!

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